As an avid outdoorsman and deer hunter, obviously I was looking for an opportunity to kill a mature, trophy deer.  But moreover, I was looking for a hunting “adventure”.  I have been extremely fortunate to hunt IBO 2 years in a row with Trey Teague and Johnny Davis.  Although I have yet to arrow that trophy I have been after, each and every hunt has left me with experiences and memories that one can only get from the love of the hunt.  I am not the type of hunter that necessarily has to “kill” to enjoy my hunt.  The kill is a bonus to me.  The privilege of being in the outdoors to enjoy God’s wonderful creations is the primary reason I hunt.  But make no mistake about it, I too want to see that arrow disappear in the vitals of that dream buck just as bad as the next guy.


Trey, Johnny, and their staff at IBO have put together one of the finest hunts available in the Midwest.  The accommodations, the lodging, the food, the stand sites, and the hunting atmosphere are unparalleled.  Everyone is very knowledgeable and encouraging, wanting you to not only enjoy your hunt, but to be given the opportunity to kill that dream buck.


So if you are looking for that hunting experience and opportunity to make some memories of a lifetime, IBO is definitely the place you should look.

High-quality low-pressure whitetail deer hunting

Illinois Backwoods Outfitters is the premier destination for hunters looking to harvest the trophy whitetail deer of their dreams. We offer quality Illinois deer hunting, experienced guides, and a great lodge. We are dedicated to becoming the top outfitter in Illinois for bow, shotgun, and muzzleloader deer hunts and want you to return year after year.



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